Own it, Ace it!


You Knew Entrepreneurship Would Be Challenging…But You Weren’t Expecting to Feel So Alone

And turns out, it’s more of a struggle than a good old challenge most days…

You want to build a satisfying, profitable business doing work you love…

So what’s holding you back?

You’re stuck in the entrepreneurial spin cycle of…

  • Just one more expensive course
  • Can’t/won’t/don’t feel like taking action (Netflix anyone?)
  • Invasion of the Imposter Syndrome
  • Not knowing how to prioritize the 1,001 things you could do
  • A million experts telling you what to do (or not to do) to make 6 figures

No wonder it feels like your head is going to explode.

“When Pierre told me he was starting a Members only group, to help us in the Facebook Group, I immediately signed up for a full year. I love knowing that if I need an answer to a question about my solopreneur business, I can ask my fellow VIP members and get answers representing multiple points of view that same day.”

Nick Stanton


Hi, I’m Pierre Stark

And I’ve coached hundreds of people just like you…

but please don’t mistake me for some too-good-to-be-true guru giving you her secret formula to make it rain 6 figures. That’s not my style.

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve been stuck in the mind goop of “Who am I to do this?”

I’ve jumped from shiny object to shinier object in search of the fix-it-all solution.

I’ve felt like giving up, shutting down my business, and heading back to cubicle life.   

But I didn’t give up. You know what helped me the most?

Having a support system. People who understood my challenges because they’d faced them too—a community of incredible people who also happen to be business owners.

My community saved me from burnout, rescued me from possible depression, and helped me pivot my business (I wouldn’t be a coach or experiencing major business growth now, if not for their help.)

“Last year, when embarking on my newest business venture, I joined quite a few entrepreneurs’ communities.  I’ve since left most of them, and the Own it, Ace it! VIP group is the only one I regularly utilize. Honestly, I don’t even get all of the benefit I could from the group because there is always something going on!  What I do get, though, is a sense of community, a sounding board for ideas, and a group of friends that I know have my back in business. When my life gets crazy and I need to chat with other business owners who understand, OIAI VIP is where I go.”

Samantha White



Own it, Ace it! VIP

An exclusive community that gives you access the support, resources, and training you need to own your authority and crush your goals.

  • Instead of shouting into the void of social media, hoping someone will give you a straight answer (not just pitch you a $10K coaching
  • Instead of dropping $997 on another “miracle” course or pricey mastermind that overwhelms you with 101 tactics but gives zero support in actually doing them…
  • Instead of crying over your laptop for the third time this week because this is hard, you’re not cut out for it, and no one in your life understands how you feel…

You’ve finally found your squad!

Own it, Ace it! it VIP membership includes:

Planning Sessions

Start each month with focus and clarity. During our structured group planning calls, I will guide you through a structured process for mapping out your monthly goals and tasks. It’s time to have your most productive months ever!

Daily checks

I know that sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and isolated when we try to do everything the best possible, I also know that sometimes our motivation seems to fade, that’s why everyday I will send you an email to do a friendly check to see how things goes for you and give you motivation, energy and inspiration!

Co-Working Sessions

Twice a month, we gather for virtual co-working sessions, typically for a couple of hours at a time. It’s a chance to check tasks of your to-do list, all with a little nudge of accountability if you need it.

1:1 session

Every weeks, I dedicate you one full hour to review your plans, progress and ideas, it’s also a safe place for you where and when you can drop your load and take a rest.

True Community

We are a small but mighty group of people-identified business owners. We show up, day in and day out, to learn from each other and lift each other up. This is the community you’ve been craving.

“OIAI VIP is my safe place to vent, ask questions, give advice, absorb other people’s knowledge and network with like-minded people. I feel like I belong, whether I’m posting daily or only once a week. It functions like one of your oldest friends – you can jump back in when you are ready and life allows and they will welcome you back with no judgement and open arms.”

We hang out in private Facebook and Slack groups

This isn’t just another Facebook group or Slack workspace you’ll ignore, unfollow, or leave.

They are our watercooler, our break-room, our boardroom, our open-mic. We are a small, intimate group, so you can ask your questions and express your frustrations, fears, or excitement among trusted friends who get it.

This is YOUR group. Yes, I’m in there daily with prompts, advice, love, and guidance. But the OIAI VIP group is incredible because of our members.

We know each other. We care about each other. We check in on each other. We support each other.

(We even have an emergency contact list. Seriously. If we haven’t heard from you in too long, we’ll be in touch.)

This isn’t just lip service.

Community is something you do, not just a buzzword you say.

Maybe best of all, it’s a super safe and supportive space to go when you need help or a (virtual) hug.

…or the perfect GIF because we love those too.

Own It Cush It VIP Is Perfect for You If…

√ You don’t feel Instagram-worthy enough to be in some of the membership spaces out there. Hello, who has spotless all-white furniture and never has dark circles under her eyes? We’re a bunch of normal and ambitious people.

√ You feel lonely as a business owner—even hardcore introverts miss the office chatter after a few months of silence. Being part of the OIAI VIP community has saved so many members from burnouts and major meltdowns.

√ You love your partner and friends, but they don’t get it when you rant about overdue invoices, scope creep, or your gnarliest business fears. We’re a group of caring women, who also happen to be experienced biz owners.

Get inside your personal and professional support system today..

Running a successful business can feel nearly impossible at times… and without a support system, you’re much more likely to listen to the mind-trash urging you to quit.

When it seems like no one is watching, it’s easy to binge on Netflix…instead of moving closer to your dreams.

When it seems like no one cares, it’s easy to give up…
instead of getting right back up and trying again.

A support system isn’t optional if you want to build a profitable business and keep your wellbeing in the process.

We’ve got your back.

And we can’t wait to meet you inside VIP…

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of information out there as it is. Why should I add one more thing?

This isn’t “one more thing to do.” It’s part of your successful business plan.

OIAI VIP membership isn’t a passive learning set-up. Yes, you’ll get plenty of new tactics and strategies to add to your toolbox.

More important, the structured planning sessions and accountability pods will keep you focused and moving your business forward.

Best of all, you’ll finally have the community you’ve been craving. Not a static list of members who occasionally pitch their services to you, but an engaged, active, and diverse group of business owners who get you and want to see you succeed.

What happens when I sign up?

As soon as you sign up and pay your first month, you’ll enter the VIP group, I will contact you to schedule an orientation session with me to help you start your entrepreneur journey.

What if I join and it’s not right for me?

No problem. With monthly membership, you can cancel at any time. Cancel within 29 days of signing up, and you’re off the hook for any more payments.

But let’s talk. If you feel like quitting, or you want something that VIP doesn’t offer, let me know. Once you’re inside, you’ll see that YOU are the focus. Ask and you may receive.

Who is this right for?

Anyone who is a business owner an entrepreneur, a startuper, and wants access to a support system and resources to help them own their authority and crush their goals.

Once I join, will the price go up?

Nope. The price you pay when you sign up is the price you’ll pay for the life of your membership. Unless you cancel your membership for any reason, you’ll be grandfathered in at your initial sign-up rate.

Why Not Try It for a Month? (remember, you can cancel at any time)

In one month as an Own It Crush It VIP member, you can…

→ Map out your most productive month ever during a guided group planning session.

→ Shake off procrastination and power through your nagging to-do’s during bonus virtual Co-Working Sessions.

→ Get support when you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed, or get feedback on your ideas from an incredibly supportive community of people who “get it.”